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What are our rates?
We bill by the word for translation services. Rates vary from .20 to .30 cents a word for work with source and target languages of English or French. Other services are billed on an hourly basis, varying from $50 to $80/hour. Upon opening an account with us, you will receive a discount. Accordingly, the more you work with Textogo, the better your rate.
Do you sub-contract your jobs?
No. Textogo brings together partners who are both administrators and experienced translators/writers. They form a team of experts dedicated to serving you superbly.
Can I speak directly with the person working on my order?
Of course! You can even follow the evolution of your work in production by accessing your client account on our CRM platform.
Can you deliver work within the hour following the request?
Yes, within reason. However, you must first open an account with us. An account may be opened directly through the website with a credit card or by fax upon downloading our form.

How many words are there in my document?
Use Word software. Under the Tools heading you will find a word calculator.

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